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I’m Alex Ziebart: Author, blogger, old man in a young man’s body, and slayer of dragons. I’m a born and raised resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where Old Fashioneds are made with brandy and water fountains are bubblers, damn it.

By day, I’m a freelance writer. I’m Editor-in-Chief of Blizzard Watch, a primarily fan-funded site which provides coverage for Blizzard Entertainment and its associated games. I’m also a contributor at Now Loading, writing whatever zany thing they ask of me next. By night, I delve into the dark recesses of imagination to craft fantastical worlds of demons, elves, and ancient conspiracies—of superheroes, wizards, and… more ancient conspiracies. Also, they kiss.

Blood and Masks was my first foray into the world of self-publishing. A mashup of sword and sorcery fantasy with the stylings of a noir detective novel, Blood and Masks takes readers into the elven metropolis of Neva Cora as demon hunter Calidus Varin roots out evil, though he’d really rather have a glass of wine instead. For more information, head right over here.

Lady Superior followed shortly after, kicking off the series of the same name. Lady Superior follows Kristen Anderson as she steps into the life of a superhero and discovers it’s far more complex than she expected—and the world is larger than she knew. For more information, check out the blog post.

Rookie Mistakes continues the story of Lady Superior in the first of a two-part arc. Our heroine finally starts to believe she has it all together—but she’s dead wrong. Not all problems can be punched in the face. Not all threats have superpowers. Sometimes, the darkest dangers are perfectly human. You can find more information here or check out an interview about the title conducted with one of my colleagues.

(Milwaukee skyline image courtesy of Ryan Schmitz under Creative Commons.)

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