Silent Nights, volume 3 of Lady Superior, is now available!

Silent Nights, volume 3 of Lady Superior, is now available!

At long last, the third installment of Lady Superior is now available for purchase! Silent Nights picks up right where Rookie Mistakes left off. Go buy it! Consume! Enjoy!

Lady Superior is down for the count. Vane, her archer companion, is on the hunt for revenge. Among the chaos, unlikely allies step up to help him bring down the man who tried to put her in the ground.

While Lady Superior recovers from the blast, she takes hard lessons to heart. The Ladykiller took a swing and missed. She won’t make the same mistakes twice.

Silent Nights is available on Amazon for $3.99.

This release took a bit (a lot) longer than anticipated due to a change in scope. As many of you noted, Rookie Mistakes was quite short. While writing Rookie Mistakes, I was experimenting with the format somewhat and had plans to do an arc of three short episodic novellas, treating it something like a season of a TV show or an old school TV miniseries. In the end, I decided that sucked. Cliffhangers suck. Not having a conclusion sucks. TV can get away with it, but these books cannot. Books 2 and 3 of the Ladykiller arc were restructured and became Silent Nights. It’s double the length of Rookie Mistakes. No cliffhangers. A real conclusion. The book took longer as a result, but I think it’s better for it. My day job was also one hell of a time sink, but I got that pesky thing out of the way.

Finances are something people don’t like to discuss, but it was another factor in my experimentation. The biggest out-of-pocket expense in self-publishing scales with word count. The longer the book, the more expensive it is to ensure the product receives the appropriate polish. When self-publishing generally demands a price point of $2.99, or $4.99 at the maximum, the associated expenses suck. Personally, I find that my full-fledged stories with a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion always inevitably come out at the 150,000 word range. I consistently land around there and it’s what feels naturally to me. I asked myself, then, if I could split these up into three episodes of 50,000 words. 50,000 words is still a short novel. If I could pull it off where each arc of the story is broken up into three solid parts, that would take a lot of financial weight off my back.

There are probably people who can pull this off, but it doesn’t work for me. Rather than continue that experiment, I’m just going to write cool stories and they’ll be whatever length they need to be. If that means my expenses are rough, so be it. If people enjoy the work, it’ll pay for itself. (You can also help cover those costs by supporting me on Patreon for some cool bonuses between major releases.)

Buying (and enjoying) Silent Nights is the coolest thing you can do for me, but if you want to help get the word out about Lady Superior, you have options! Leave the books reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews are a really, really big deal. Many readers decide whether or not to buy a book based on its reviews, but only the tiniest fraction of readers ever leave reviews. Leaving an honest review is one of the kindest things you can do for an author.

Talk about the books, tweet about them, and tell your friends. If you want to get a friend involved in the series, there’s a bundle of the first three installments available on Amazon. I’ve also dropped the price on the first installment to $2.99. Remember, you can buy ebooks as a gift!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy Silent Nights.

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